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My Hair Journey with Dabur Vatika++ Hair Oil : Part 2

In my last hair care post I shared my concern regarding the effects sun and change of seasons have on our hair and how important oiling is to tackle this tampering. I also shared how I’d chop off my hair length each time I would see hair fall or any kind of hair damage. Well, that’s exactly what I did wrong. I kept trimming my hair-HUGE MISTAKE.

Fullscreen capture 01-07-2015 085747.bmp

In the same post I also mentioned my encounter with Dabur Vatika’s ++ Hair Oil, which has been a holy grail product for my hair. This summer season instead of trimming my hair I started oiling them a night before hair wash day and I noticed a visible change in the texture, quality, shine and hair fall. I am not saying my hair stopped falling, but i felt that roots were stronger and cause of hair fall in not weak roots, it’s the changing weather and sweat. Though, these factors are unavoidable, but we can always practice precaution.


From twice a week I am trying to go thrice a week of hair oil champi. It feels like I have gone back in time when my granny would religiously oil my hair before hair-wash. I hope to continue this routine and cannot wait to see the results. I am hoping that Dabur Vatika ++ hair oil keeps doing wonders for my hair like it has been doing off late.


Watch this space to follow my hair journey with Dabur Vatika ++ Hair Oil