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The Summer E(A)FFECT : Dabur Vatika++ Hair Oil Review

Heat + humidity + sweat = hair behaving badly. Show it who’s the boss! Yes, do not let summer heat take over your dream hairstyles this season and if you think that chopping your beautiful tresses off  is going to solve problems then wait for the next big hair reveal- Short hair tend to go more haywire than your otherwise medium or long mane. It’s that time of the year when your hair roots are as sweaty as your armpits, and your scalp is an oil tank. Scalp tends to produce more oil in the roots during summer time and there is a lot of humidity in the hair which causes frizzyness in the length. (I hear Summertime Sadness playing in the background while writing this. Oh! wait, maybe it’s playing in my head!)

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I can totally feel the pain and anger of not being able to enjoy the summer hairstyles that you learnt on YouTube. We are all in this together (group hugs). I say, do not lose hope. Just relax and think of what your grandma or granny would have told you in this situation? Yes, it’s the coconut oil that we all ditch as we grow-up and realise why we broke up at the first place? Anyway, now that our long lost love is back, let’s patch up and get back together.


Oiling your hair is the best thing you can give your hair. I remember oiling my hair twice a week during my summer vacation and slowly the habit faded away because I grew up. Oiling not only strengthens the bond between the scalp and roots, but also lays a strong foundation for luscious and gorgeous locks. That’s the kind of effect Dabur Vatika Enriched Coconut Hair Oil has on my hair. It’s only been a couple of weeks now and my hair is already brimming with life-silkier, softer and stronger! Loving the progress so far, just hoping it takes me back to the hair I was born with!

Watch this space for more updates on my hair journey this summer ☺

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