Fashion 101 : Athleisure For Girly Girls

Athleisure is once again a hot trend for summer 2017. Well, don’t we all know it already??

It fully embodies our urban lifestyle: fast, ever-changing and flexible. And it includes in fact t-shirts, leggings, tracksuits and sneakers. Miuccia Prada had already given the nod to sportswear back in 1997 when she designed the Prada Sport line: a combination of dynamic shapes and sartorial cuts. Its ultimate expression were sneakers, with a precise, well-studied aesthetics: leather and nylon mesh, and a red label which stood out inon the shoe (logo mania would have exploded in the early 2000s).

While twenty years ago someone may have had some doubts about the shoes, today we are recording a true performance craze. The Italian designer was totally groundbreaking. For Spring Summer 2017 designers brought back on the runways technical parkas, see Joseph, Versace and Stella McCartney: this super-light, colorful outerwear piece replaces the trench coat and spring and fall blazers.Tracksuit pants and leggings once worn only at the gym are now part of our daily wardrobe: from the comfortable style with bottom slit to flaunt the luxury sneakers to the second-skin pants that shape the figure with push-up techno-stitching.

But what about the girly girls( someone like, let’s say, me) who prefer their fancy scandals over sneakers and purses over backpacks? They come out with their own version of the trend..Track pants swapped with a tennis skirt, and comfy wedge heel replaces the Nike, etc, etc..