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Picturesque Gorai

Gorai is a village in Dharavi Bhet, the North-western part of the island of Salsette near Mumbai, India. Gorai is accessed more usually by a ferry crossing the Manori Creek or otherwise by the overland route through Bhayender. Our crew obviously took the Bhayender route. Known for its clean beaches and palm trees, Gorai has less polluted than the other beaches in Mumbai. I was in Gorai a couple of months back for an ad shoot and this day long trip to this understated and untouched village gave me great memories to cherish.


While shooting in the lanes of Goari I lost track on my way back to the costume base. Instead of panicking or asking people the right way out, I walked in the lanes carefree and enjoyed the calm , laid back charm of Gorai, quite in contrast to the fast paced life of the city just on the other side of the creek. Bullock carts are still in use here and the area suffers from a water shortage but with real-estate developers steadily bulldozing their way into this prized suburban tract, the physical and cultural fabric of the villagers of Gorai is now quite endangered.


I managed to click a few shots while tracking down my way to the production base and I thoroughly enjoyed each and every second of it. Here is my Gorai picture diary for you guys 🙂













Other Facts about Gorai-

* The Esseel World amusement park has been set up in part of Gorai.

* Gorai has a large East Indian population.

* New Gorai is a 15 minute travel by road from Borivali(West).

*  The Global Vipasana Pagoda, featuring the tallest pillar-less dome in the world, is built on 13 acres of land near Gorai.

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