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Mom’s Day out : { Mother’s Day }

Mom and I decided to celebrate mother’s day a day early this year. All thanks to the lovely people at W for woman, who sent us these beautiful match-y W kurties and I Am Broke for sending the cute TUN-TUN jar.. On a sunny afternoon we decided to do a picnic where I thought of surprising mom with all the gifts I got for her.. Of course, yummy cookies from and watermelon from our kitchen made yummy snacks for our picnic..


I am not very good at expressing my feelings. I always fall short of words, but today I’d like to share something…I hate to admit, but I am EXACTLY like my mom- full of extreme emotions.  I hate it? It’s because it’s a cruel world out there and if you are someone who carries heart on their sleeve then you keep getting in trouble. You trust people and your trust is broken. You fall for people easily and you give second chances. To the world I might look weak or an emotional fool, but these tears and emotions are my biggest strength. I am someone who cries a lot, and I get a lot of flak for the same. I never liked it, but with time I have gotten use to it and I know if someone or something annoys me, I’ll cry and get over with it. I have developed a positive attitude towards it, but it’s not easy- It’s a constant effort. And what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.. So, Heah! that’s about it..




Anyway, that was some heavy duty confession I just made, Pheww!! Now, time for a funny one..

Would you believe it if I tell you, post the shoot mom and I had a huge show down over dinner.. haha! that’s how we are. We are true loud over the top Punjabi women who never fail to express their feelings, even if that means war. And its okay! we are all friends here and I really mean it. She is the ONLY best-friend I have ever had and she knows all my friend’s secrets( and it’s not a secret any more), that’s why I showered all the gifts on her 🙂 and about our fight, we’ll probably forget about it.. *__^



I bought her a Stalk Buy Love  mini tote, Clinique’s CTM routine for her skin type and a TUN-TUN memory jar from I Am BROKE. And she loved each and everything, and isn’t it kinda evident from her smile?







We are wearing :

Kurtis c/o W for Woman

Sunnies : Forever21

Special Thanks to I Am Broke and Stalk Buy Love.