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My Organic Skincare journey & Routine ft. Sublime Factory & B’atude

My Organic Skincare Journey

Enjoy yourself.. That’s what your 20’s are for and if you are sensible enough then somewhere on your way to your 30’s you realise it’s time to do the right thing, and that’s what you call doing damage control( read love yourself for who you really are) and try to preserve what’s left of the real you( in my case, my skin and hair) so you can enter your 30’s with open arms.

Change is inevitable. That’s the only constant fact of life and you got to be ready for it, you like it or not! So, when I turned 27 last year I did a little slef introspection and realised that I have a great deal of self issues to take care of. For someone who’s blessed with great skin and thick mane, I took it for granted because was never happy with my appearance. The ideal image of the perfect girl that we see on the Internet and  constant feeding on TV and these so called icons created by the Internet isn’t real. Unfortunately, I tried my best to look a part of it, obviously, I couldn’t and it only lead to self destruction of a sort that we women do to ourself knowingly, unknowingly everyday.

And I took a decision to love myself for who I really am, because,that my friend, is the only way. My cheeks have always been chubby, my mane that’s always been curly and my body, which for me has never been perfect, but today I love all of it. I love everything that I am and I will be and make peace with all the facts about myself. It’s a journey of its own and it’s not easy, but what is important here is to reach the point when you start.

The Transformation

On the road to have perfectly contoured cheeks and bake that concealer to the T I somewhere forgot that my skin needs to breathe. It’s when I saw dry patches around my mouth and under eyes, dullness and dark circles  I decided that its high time. I was looking for a solution, something that could take me back in time  I hated my skin for mein imperfect, when it actually was perfect. Past always seems better, isn’t it? But I knew u need to make that switch, from harsh chemicals to something organic, simple and hassle free. Fortunately, Sublime Factory’s team got in touch with me around the same time and asked me to review B’atude’s skincare range, which happens to be a line organic skincare and body products. I won’t lie, I was skeptical about taking the plunge. It was after a continuous follow up from the team and persistent persuasion that I agreed.

I was probably going to ignore the box that Sublime Factory’s team sent for me, but it was my lucky day as I had to go for a staycation. So, the lazy me packed the whole package instead of packing my old skincare products from the vanity( as it was the easiest and quickest way to pack). I still remember the first time I tried them on my face that very night and how it felt. I swear, I got a little teary eyed, thanked God like a billion times in a fraction of a second  because my skin had never felt so soft and fresh in years. All I did was wash my face with B’atude’s foam cleanser followed by their eye contour cream and night cream. I was so impressed with the first time result that I couldn’t wait to sleep and wake up the next morning to try their day cream. Honestly, next morning too was like a dream come true as my skin was even softer and brighter with no imperfections and had the most perfect morning glow.

B’atude Day Cream, Night Cream and Eye Contour Cream

These are the B’atude Products I use for my everyday skincare routine in the order of usage.

B’atude Soothing Foam 

I start my day with washing my face with this foam cleanser. This light soothing foam gives a soap free cleansing for your skin. Thanks to the Organic Glycerin with its softening and moisturizing properties, the treatment is tolerated by even the most sensitive skins. It eliminates impurities without aggression on the epidermis. Organic witch hazel extract provides astringent property, reducing the sebum excess and tightening skin pores. Witch hazel decongests and soothes the skin irritations. This unique foam which helps cleansing and toning of the skin is free from SLS as well.

Eye Contour Cream

I skip the Toner and give my eye area a full pump of this eye cream. For best result I take generous quantity of the eye contour cream on my fingertips and gently massage the eyes going from inside out. This cream is the perfect way to pamper your eyes and get back that impeccable contour and get rid of the dark circles. Apply morning and evening on thoroughly cleansed skin for best results. This is suitable for all skin types.

B’atude rejuvenating day cream

Step three is to moisturise. I takes fill pulp of B’atude’s rejuvenating day cream which is Formulated with protective and anti-ageing ORGANIC ingredients (green tea, argan oil) and a restructuring glycoprotein (Antarcticine®), its is a global anti-time treatment to nourish the skin and maintain its suppleness and its elasticity. The nourishing ingredients allow to fight against dry skin and to smooth it. The skin is better moisturized leaving the complexion radiant. I also use it like a primer before putting in foundation.

B’atude regenerating night cream

This is my absolute favourite of all. B’atude’s firm and unctuous regenerating night cream associates refreshing active ingredients (argan oil, Antarcticine: a restructuring glycoprotein), protective ingredients (green tea, beeswax) and moisturizing ingredients (glycerin, beeswax) in a treatment suitable for all skin types. Each night it fights against the diurnal problems (pollution, UV, stress…) and smoothens the wrinkles. The skin renews from inside; leaving a youthful glow on the face in the morning. Mornings are the best skin times for me. It’s such a wonderful feeling to wake up with skin like a baby’s butt.

B’atude Soothing Foam Cleanser

Here is a quick video of my daily skincare Routine ft. B’atude skincare available at Sublime Factory


About B’atude

B’atude stands on the skill and foundation of providing women around the world just one thing- luxurious beauty. Their products boast of being organic and natural to provide beauty that is absolutely pure and effective, and pampers you on your way to gorgeous glowing skin. B’atude aims at meeting the infinite diversity of desires of elegant beauty around the world. To provide momentum to this aim, they have deployed new-age German technologies and French elegance and finesse to create luxurious products.

About Sublime FactoryThey are experts  in personal care, take great strides to find and source world-class products from around the globe. Their collections of beauty, hygiene, and wellness products are designed for women, men, and children. They have best of the best from around the world, specially curated for Indian market.

(P. S. – This post in No way suggests that you have to buy these products. It’s a personal choice and it worked wonderfully well for my skin. I am definitely going to repurchase them. It’s an international product, so of course price is a litter steep compared to the regular options available at our local pharmacies. Having said that, I still think these products have worked better than the other products I have used in the past. )