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My Shoe Diaries : Traveller Of Life

If you are a traveller you’d know how stopovers are an important part of a journey. They are not just a break in a journey, but they are that intermediate point in one’s travel when they get time to breath, relax and introspect how far one has come and how far one has to go. I use to find it funny how a lot of people would get philosophical at the time of sunset, I get the same feels at these stopovers. Watching people from across the world at the same place in between their journeys is so fascinating. Some are waiting to board plane at the airport, some at a bar or a motel on the highway, the feeling that we are all the same and different at the same time. And some of these people that we meet on our way completely change the way we look at life, at times it even changes our life and its journey.

We are all travellers, travellers of life. We all have our different journeys and different destinations, but we all want to reach there asap, and while doing that we all forget the most important thing in life. We forget to live the moment and feel that moment it in each and every nerve and atom of our body. We forget that it’s the journey that matters and not the destination, this journey called life.

My photographer Abhidha and I planned this shoot after a lot of brain storming. We are both travellers and share the common love to travel alone. We both have travelled solo and understand how these travels and stopovers can at times change the way we look at life. This post is about a solo traveller on a stopover in between her road-trip, Introspecting  through the various pages of her journey so far at a bars cum motel. I personally love to read, write and click during these stopovers, what about you guys?

This post is also my official entry for Clarks Shoe Diaries contest by Clarks India.

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I am wearing :

Coverup Jacket : Forever21

White Tee : Forever 21

Shorts : Thrifted

Sunglasses : MacV

Necklaces : Thrifted & Forever21

Watch : Fossil 

Tan Bag : Forever21

White Sling Bag : Zara

Footwear c/o Clarks India

Loctaion c/o LCA Rajouri, Delhi (Thanks for being awesome and cooperative during the shoot)