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Oxylife Bleach – Establishing goodness of oxygen for skin

I was thrilled to attend my best friend’s extravagant destination wedding in Goa this summer, but seldom did I know what so much exposure to the sun and heat would do to my skin( a lot of make-up and late nights included). I exactly remember It was her wedding day post five wedding functions and realized how the mehandi function by the pool and day before’s cocktail party left me hungover and my skin dehydrated. I was a girls scariest nightmare and I was living it with dark spots and tan all over my face to add to my dilemma to attend the wedding or pack my bags, hide my face and run!


I moment I lost hope, exactly the moment inbetween you breakdown and cry your guts out I spotted a small box of the Oxylife Creme Bleach for women sitting in my vanity. Suddenly all my worries and fears disappeared. This one has been my most favorite skin product since the day I was introduced to it back in college.  It’s apparently the only bleaching product that I know that has goodness or oxygen and works for almost all the skin type.


Wondering how this holy grail product works wonders? Here you go:

Step 1 – Wash face with plain water and pat dry.

Step 2 – Take crème bleach and powder activator in the ratio of 7:1.


Step 3 – Using the spatula, mix the activator and crème for a good 2 minutes till the powder activator dissolves completely.



Step 4 – Apply the mixture on the area to be bleached. Avoid application on eyebrows and around the eyes.

Step 5 – Allow it to remain for the recommended time (up to 10 minutes for darker skin tones, up to 15 minutes for wheatish skin tones and 15 minutes or more for fairer skin tones)


Step 6 – Wash off with cold water.


Step 7 – Apply the post-bleach skin radiance serum on the bleached area and see a visible radiance!

The best part about this one is, it gives a glow to my face that a chandan face pack does. It’s my secret to flawlessly glowing skin. #SayYesToOxygen