Shaadi by Marriott’ for memorable & enchanting wedding experience!
In order to cater the best of wedding experiences, the global hospitality giant Marriott has come up with its wedding planning and execution brand by the name of ‘Shaadi by Marriott’ in the Indian sub continent.

The famous American relationship consultant and author Barbara De Angelis once said, “A marriage is not a noun; it’s a verb. It isn’t something you get. It’s the way you love your partner every day.” Perhaps, the most memorable episode of one’s love life is the blessed wedding day. The fondness you share with your partner till the last breath of your life has its seeds sown on the day when you got married. A spellbinding marriage venue adds to the glory of any marriage ceremony. Most importantly, in the Indian subcontinent where marriage is revered in highest esteem both culturally and socially, a majestic marriage venue leaves an everlasting impression and preserves memories forever.
To give marriages a colossal and endearing makeover the wedding planning industry in India is on a boom. Themed marriages, exotic locations, price less decorations, lovely ambience, lip smacking food and lot more has caught the attention of every bride and groom. The young, vivacious and quirky Ananya and Kartik who will soon tie the knot are no indifferent. They have done some impressive research on number of wedding venues and planners before their grand day arrives. The future couple does not want the ceremony to turn ephemeral. They just want a seraphic wedding experience and cannot compromise on that.
Few days ago, amidst the state of bewilderment, Ananya was awestruck by the website of ‘Shaadi by Marriott’ while browsing through the web. In no time, she shared the link with Kartik and within minutes they were completely mesmerized with the uniqueness of services and the royal experience which the brand was catering to its clients.

Both Kartik and Ananya have now finally decided to take wedding services from Shaadi by Marriott. But, confusion has again leaped in as they have to decide between the best of these services. Kartik breathes a sighs of relief, as he does not have to worry about the individual food choices of his friends. Shaadi by Marriott provides culinary services which will customize the menu according to specific needs. On the other hand, Ananya has firmly decided to go for the Quan Spa and the in-house salon to come out as the royal bride. Since, both Kartik and Ananya want the venue in Delhi-NCR they have pretty good options. But, it will be finally decided in the next few days with consultation from family and friends. The couple is also sure that the little pieces in the puzzle which includes choreographer for the sangeet, themed bachelor party, mehendi artists, bidai and much more will be well taken care of by the expert ‘Shaadi Specialists’.
As days pass by, it is getting difficult to get information on pre wedding preparations as both are extremely busy. And I must truly spare them for their time bound preparations! I wish from the bottom of my heart that they have a blessed, joyful and ravishing wedding affair which could not have been possible without the exemplary services of Shaadi by Marriott.